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Each an accomplished psychotherapist in their own right and married for over 20 years, Charles and Judith decided, in 1989, to meld their professional lives and formed a professional team. Their mutual interests in psychodynamic psychotherapy and their complementary personalities led to the formation of the California Psychotherapy and Counseling Center.

Over the years, while continuing to work with individual patients, they developed an additional specialty of working together with couples, families, and small groups. "We decided, given our training and personalities, that we could have more impact and added value as a male-female, married team and we are happy to offer this treatment option to our patients."

"Our aim is to help couples understand and make room for each individual while maintaining vibrancy and passion as a couple. We also care about families understanding and making room for each individual member while maintaining the connections as a family unit. It is also not surprising that these same issues occur in small groups and businesses."

The Gondells have presented numerous workshops such as: Emotional Issues When Working with Nonconventional Clients, Dual Career Marriages, Groupthink, Couples and Intimacy, Object-Relations Therapy for Marriage and Family Therapists and "When Credit Cards Are Not Enough: Couples Who Fight Over Money". Most recently they presented "Forces From Within That Effect Outcome: Attachment, Identity, Loss, Grief and Shame", at the Fall 2007 conference of the International Academy of Mediators: Fear and Risk in Mediation.


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